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Dr. Sampath Daniel is an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Author, and Education Reformist. Recipient of the prestigious award "Counselor of the Year 2021” - ASIAN EDUCATION AWARDS.

He has worked in many Indian and multi-national companies holding senior positions, in the field of Sales, Marketing, and Production, having experience of over 35 years.

An Entrepreneur for the past 15 years, with wide exposure in schools for over 12 years mainly through the marketing of his products & services, which has prompted him to embark on the desire to bring about a change in the education system, he is a post-graduate in marketing management, and a Hc. PhD Doctorate in Philosophy in Education, (Educational Reforms & Innovative Teaching Methods) his love for children and their development is his utmost priority he has an inquisition to everything he comes across, who looks beyond the existing challenges and finds new solutions for the future growth opportunities for the children.

He has pioneered the new concept of Core Learning Schools Methods of Teaching/ Learning for achieving quality education for all in rural and remote locations and developing interest in the students for learning and achieving maximum GER in schools and colleges and at a low GDP ratio spend for the governments.

He has authored 4 books in the series of “The Future of Education”, titled “REFORMATIONS IN SCHOOLING,” “MODULATION & TECHNOLOGY”, “INTEGRATIVE BLENDED LEARNING”, and "REIMAGINE EDUCATION FOR THE 21ST CENTURY' all these books are available on,,, and many other stores. He is also an ardent blogger on many online platforms, mainly on Education and Children’s life and Development.

Now he is on a mission to reform Schools, Colleges, and Universities' on his methods of Teaching/Learning with his novel idea of Core Learning Schools or 6CLS or BEETMIA across the Globe to deliver quality education to all students. mailto:;;;;