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AirRef  -"The spirit to enhance comfort beyond relaxation in homes and offices". 

Air-Conditioning of CHURCHS, Schools and Colleges, written books on Reform in Education & Reforming Schooling Education for mass quality  learning/teaching, using Technology and Blended Learning Methods. 

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Profile - AirRef Engineers and Consultants

AirRef Engineers and Consultants is a Mumbai-based company that provides engineering and consulting services related to air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration systems. The company was founded in 2002 and has since established a reputation for providing high-quality and reliable services to its clients.

AirRef offers a range of services, including design and installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems, energy audits and optimization, commissioning, testing and balancing, and post-construction maintenance and service. The company caters to a diverse range of clients, including commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, data centers, and manufacturing facilities.

The team at AirRef comprises experienced engineers and technicians who work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and provide customized solutions. The company's focus on innovation and sustainability has earned it several awards and recognitions, including the "Best Energy Efficient HVAC Project" award from the Indian Green Building Council in 2019.

AirRef Engineers and Consultants is committed to providing its clients with high-quality and cost-effective solutions for their air conditioning and refrigeration needs.

1. AIR-CONDITIONING - Principal Dealerships: We have some of the best-known brands as dealerships in each of these products offered, who are leaders in their respective segments, DAIKIN Air Conditioning India Pvt Ltd for Air-conditioning & VRV Systems, BLUE STAR LIMITED & USHA for refrigeration products and MIDDLEBY CELFROST for Commercial Kitchen Equipments & Cold Rooms.

Expertise: We have the expertise of handling large tonnages of Air-conditioning for various applications, comfort cooling, process cooling, Equipment cooling & Ventilation with wide spectrum of products, We have trained engineers to install VRV’s, Chillers, AHU, Packaged AC, Ductables,  and Split AC with, in house Heat load Calculations, Design, Estimation, Planning & Commissioning, participating in tenders and executing projects jobs.

Consultancy: We specialise in Indoor Air Quality(IAQ)  and Indoor Air Distribution(IAD) in the conditioned area, focusing on the filtration, air purification, fresh air provision, sufficient air changes, cleaning of ducts from insects, molds, fungus and identifying hot pockets, and improving air circulation. We ensure your Air-conditioned space is free of dust particles, bacteria and bad odors.

Green technology Solutions: Our focus is to providing eco friendly energy efficient solutions to customers with world class products and practices with technology driven systems operation. 

Large customer base:  In the Western Region. our clients include, among others, like, Reliance, Crompton Greaves limited, IRB, Kirloskar Brothers, Gumpro Drilling Fluids, Reid and Taylor , AMUL, ICICI bank, COKE, G-Net, Premier Color Scan, Sea Rock Hotels ,Anand Rathi Securities, PMC Bank, Hiranandani Constructions, International copper promotion council, Specialty Restaurants, The Great Kabab Factory, IIT-B, etc and also a number of Consultants and Architects in our fold in the region through our previous organizations.

Current Products & Services: In our fold of product we undertake Sales, Service, Rentals, AMC and Operations of Chillers, AHU and Cold Rooms, includes supply instillation testing and commissioning of different types of Air-conditioner.

Network of Operations: Our current operations are in the West Zone and with our associate Dealers, Consulting Engineering and Contractors have a strong presence in these region, we are capable of offering our products and services in these region effectively to the satisfaction of the customers, now under the Umbrella of AirRef the advantages to our clients are unlimited and guaranteed. Please contact us for all your needs in IAQ & IAD and Air-conditioning. 


And many more projects in upcountry of Maharashtra.

2. RENEWABLE ENERGY:               With the exposure of executing project jobs on SITC basis both in HVAC&R and Building industry we are now focused on venturing into the Hybrid Renewable Energy Power Generation in Solar and Wind energy catering to the range of 1kW to 10MW power mainly rooftops and off grid projects


We are ably supported by the founder directors and also Advisory board consisting of eminent people from the industry who have the expertise of teaching in premier Institutes like Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay and executing solar projects in India. We are also happy to be associated with kWatts Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, Dr. Chetan S. Solanki,-  Chairman for project drawings, supervisory implementations and validation of Hybrid energy power solutions.


Factory and R & D Lab: Seeing the huge potential in India for renewable energy for the next 25 years and with Industry growth currently clocking at 250 %  and the thrust from Central Government and each of the Indian State Governments fulfilling their energy needs who are quatripleting their budgets to meet their power demands. Seeing the tremendous potential, we intend to set up an ultramodern factory and a research Centre for the hybrid products to be manufactured in the factory mainly rooftop wind turbines.


We are in the process of acquiring 10 Acres of Land in most potential area for wind and solar energy in the state of Andhra Pradesh. With the support of the Local Government and able leadership of the Chief Minister Dr. Chandrababu Naidu, we cherish our dreams to lead in the lower segment of power requirement in the range of 1kW to 10MW power generation for self sustained building and institutions.

3.BUILDING MATERIALS & COATINGS:           To give thrust in Green Products we have entered into Franchise agreement with Hyderabad Industries Limited for Pre-fabricated Products for Pre-Engineered Building Materials and EXCEL COATINGS & NOVA SURFACE CARE for Sun Reflective Coatings for cool roofs and building also from DAIKIN Fluoro based ZEFFLE brand.

With the Green products and Services, namely Pre-fabricated Products  of HIL Limited of Hyderabad, under the banner of AEROCON who are pioneers and leaders in the field of Dry Wall Constructions and DAIKIN Fluoro chemical Division for their solar reflective coatings under the brand name of ZEFFLE thermal insulation coatings for cool roof and buildings.


Our new focus in green products in AirRef Engineer & Consultants, gives us imputes to further the LEED credit qualifications for Roofs and Buildings, Stopping Warm Earth, Decrease CO2, and Heat Islands.


The special pigment reflects infrared rays (changed to heat) in sunlight effectively to prevent thermal penetration into the building. Fluoro polymer has excellent durability and anti staining / soiling and keep thermal insulation performance.

Green technological Solutions: Our focus is to providing eco friendly energy saving solutions to customers with world class products and practices with technology to enhance our services and capability. We provide Pre-fab construction with HIL Aerocon Products and Air-conditioning with Energy saving and Eco Friendly gases from DAIKIN also ZEFFLE solutions with reflective coatings and paints.


Hyderabad Industries Ltd. (HIL), part of the C. K. Birla Group, is a multi product company operating in the building materials and engineering space.

HIL is a market leader in the fiber cement roofing business in India with its brand CHARMINAR and among the top two producers in the world.


HIL has an excellent track record in introducing innovative products for the construction industry.



AEROCON PANELS: Ideal for Partition Walls. 

Aerocon panel is the sandwich panel of two fiber-reinforced cement sheets enclosing a lightweight concrete core composed of Portland cement, binders and a mix of silicaceous and micaceous material aggregate.

These panels have a lightweight cellular structure, resulting in excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.

Aerocon panels are pre-cured. It is ready to install and does not need water or any on site preparation / mixing like other walling products. It is easy to work with and needs no special tools for installation.


·         Aerocon panels allow faster construction because of its tongue and groove joining system.

·         Aerocon panels’ water and termite resistant properties make an excellent choice for any land and climatic conditions.

·         Its low weight and Ductility makes an ideal choice for seismic and cyclone prone zones.

·         It also reduces the dead load on the structure.

·         It can be also dismantled and has high reusability.

·         It is also a “Green” product.

·         Aerocon Panel partition allows any kind of finishes including painting, wall paper, tiles, etc.,

Product offering:

Panels are available in two thickness 50 mm and 75 mm.  It has a standard width.

600 mm and is available  in lengths of  2400 mm , 2700 mm  and 3000 mm.


Aerocon panels can be used for number of application like.

·         Partitions ( Half & Full height)

·         Walls ( Internal & External)

·         Mezzanine flooring

·         Pre-fabricated structure ( Houses, Kiosks, site office), etc,

Aerocon Panels have the following advantages.


¨      Tongue and groove joining system allows faster construction.

¨      Easy workability – no special tools required.

¨      Lightweight Panels allow easy handling and erection.

¨      Factory cured panels eliminates need for on-site curing.

¨      Re-locatable complete structure can be dismantled and re-erected.

¨      Excellent water, Termite and fire resistant properties to withstand adverse conditions.

¨      Fire Rating one hour for 50-mm panel (non-load bearing) and two hour for 75-mm Panel (load bearing).

¨      Most suitable for seismic and cyclone prone zones.

¨      Excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.

¨      Slim Aerocon panels provide extra usable floor space.

¨      Usage of Fly ash and timber-free AEROCON makes it Eco-friendly.

















Sunlight reflection and thermal insulation.

EEnneerrggyy f frroomm S SUUNN

Translation to

Electric energy

Translation to

Thermal energy


Sun light -> Absorption

and change to Thermal energy / HEAT with constant heat on to the surface the surface temperature rises to a great extent depending on the surface material.


Therefore to reduce the room temperature the thermal insulation IR coatings are applied over deck.


Reduced Energy Cost: EXCEL CoolCoat ® topcoat remains white to effectively reflect the sun’s heat, unlike dark-colored roofs that retain heat and are subject to ultraviolet degradation. Roof temperatures can be reduced upto 20 degree C. Complies with ENERGY STAR® & Cool Roof Rating Council Guidelines. Ceritfied by "Building Energy Performance Laboratory", Gujarat.


Comparative thermal performance of EXCEL CoolCoat on corrugated roofing materials.

Temperatures recorded around 2.30 pm.

Thermal Test :

Ambient temperature = 40º C

Uncoated asbestos roofing = 56º C

Uncoated GI sheet roofing = 59º C

coated with EXCEL CoolCoat ® = 44º C

This result proves the continuous rejection of solar heat, preventing the roof from getting hot.

Note: The temperature indicated above is the exact temperature of asbestos roof sheets recorded with the aid of LASER GUIDED INFRARED NON CONTACT THERMOMETER


EXCEL CoolCoat® is a Single component, ready-to-use material available in various customized size packing. It may appear well mixed, but upon standing will settle into a two stage suspension. Thoroughly mix the contents of containers using a power mixer for a minimum of five minutes prior to application. Thinning or reducing the material is recommended as per the surface requirements.

Standard Packing Sizes : 4 lts, 10 lts, 20 lts and 50 lts

Area Of Application:

AEROCON Dry Wall Panel.

AEROCON Panels are sandwich panel of two fiber-reinforced cement sheets lightweight concrete core composed of Portland cement, binders and a mix of silicaceous and micaceous material aggregate. 

Product offering:


Panels are available in two thickness 50 mm and 75 mm.  It has a standard width.

600 mm and is available  in lengths of  2400 mm , 2700 m m  and 3000 m m.