AEROCON - Dry wall  panels 

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AEROCON Dry wall panels



Hyderabad Industries Ltd. (HIL), part of the C. K. Birla Group, is a multi product company operating in the building materials and engineering space.

HIL is a market leader in the fiber cement roofing business in India with its brand CHARMINAR and among the top two producers in the world.


HIL has an excellent track record in introducing innovative products for the construction industry.



AEROCON PANELS : Ideal for Partition Walls.



·         These panels have a lightweight cellular structure, resulting in excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.

 Aerocon panels are pre-cured. It is ready to install and does not need water or any on site preparation / mixing       like other walling products. It is easy to work with and needs no special tools for installation.


·         Aerocon panels allow faster construction because of its tongue and groove joining system.


·         Aerocon panels’ water and termite resistant properties make an excellent choice for any land and climatic conditions.


·         Its low weight and Ductility makes an ideal choice for seismic and cyclone prone zones.


·         It also reduces the dead load on the structure.


·         It can be also dismantled and has high reusability.

·         It is also a “Green” product.




Product offering:


Panels are available in two thickness 50 mm and 75 mm.  It has a standard width.

600 mm and is available  in lengths of  2400 mm , 2700 m m  and 3000 m m.




Aerocon panels can be used for number of application like.


·         Partitions ( Half & Full height)


·         Walls ( Internal & External)


·         Mezzanine flooring


·         Pre-fabricated structure ( Houses, Kiosks, site office), etc,




A)    Few key clients for “Retail” businesses.


S. No. Client Name Application

 2. Ecomondale, International school, Andhri West Mumbai Partitions

 3. Galleria, Shopping mall, B. Raheja group, Vashi, Sector -17, Navi Mumbai Partitions

 4. K. Raheja Inorbit mall, Vashi, Mumbai Partitions

 5. Raghuleela Shopping mall, Wadwa Group,  Vashi, Navi Mumbai Partitions

 6. Little world shopping mall, Siddi Group, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. Partitions

 7. DIC Industry, Phase – II , Noida Partitions

 8. India Place mall, Gurgoan, Partitions

 9. Center State mall, Gurgoan Partitions

10. Sanskrit Maha Vidyalaya, Delhi Partitions

11. Orbit Group, Ghatkoper, east Mumbai Pre-Fab

12. Reliance retails (Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur) Cladding,Partition,Pre-Fab


B)    Some other Clients:

1.            Reliance Petroleum, Jamnagar

2.            Indian Army Northern Command

3.            CPWD / PWD

4.            Indian Railways

5.            Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, TRV Airports

6.            Roadways ( L & T, Gammon, Shapurjee Pallavjee, etc.,)

7.            Andaman & Nicobar rehabilitation houses

Aerocon Panels have the following advantages.


¨      Tongue and groove joining system allows faster construction.

¨      Easy workability – no special tools required.

¨      Lightweight Panels allow easy handling and erection.

¨      Factory cured panels eliminate need for on-site curing.

¨      Re-locatable complete structure can be dismantled and re-erected.

¨      Excellent water, Termite and fire resistant properties to withstand adverse conditions.

¨      Fire Rating one hour for 50-mm panel (non-load bearing) and two hour for 75-mm Panel (load bearing).

¨      Most suitable for seismic and cyclone prone zones.

¨      Excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.

¨      Slim Aerocon panels provide extra usable floor space.

¨      Usage of Fly ash and timber-free AEROCON makes it Eco-friendly.

Aerocon Panel. specifications.