AirRef -"The spirit to enhance comfort beyond relaxation in homes and offices".

AirRef deals in majorly in 4 different categories

  1. HVAC&R products and services as authorized dealers of DAIKIN Air-conditioning India Pvt Ltd & Blue Star Limited.

  2. Home appliances of USHA International Ltd for Water coolers & Water dispensers.

  3. Origin brand of De-humidifiers

  4. Authored franchisee of Aerocon brand of Dry Wall Partition Panels.

And with our subsidiary company AirRef G.Ed Reformists & Consultants we handle educational trainings, implement school reforms and new teaching / learning methods, publish books on educational reforms in structural core learning schoolings to impart mass quality education to the students in villages and far flung remote locations through the use of Broad band fiber technology broadcasting & taking Virtual Classes and Blended learning methods.

All these books are available in leading book stores in India and and many countries in the World both in Print format and digital format. The books are also available with Amazon online stores.

Awards and Certificates of Appreciations.

AirRef Engineers and Consultants -Mumbai, INDIA

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